SARMs: The Good Drug for Body Builders

SARMs are the drugs that are commonly used for the prevention and treatment of muscle loss or muscle wasting. It is currently undergoing further research and might soon be added to the list of drugs to be prescribed for the prevention of sarcopenia, atrophy and cachexia. This is also a drug of choice for hormone or testosterone replacement therapy.


SARMSelective Androgen Receptor Modulators create increased anabolic activities in the cells, specifically the androgen receptors. What is good about this product is that it only focuses on the target organs and not the other cells, so it does not give its users unexpected side effects. This drug does well in maintaining and increasing the body mass of a person who uses it.


SARMs work well in the body by binding with the androgen receptors and providing bone and muscle activity. When bonded with the androgen receptors, it alters the genetic build-up of the cells and therefore provides protein synthesis that eventually builds up muscle.


This drug acts the same as steroids because they both cause muscle growth. The difference it has when compared to anabolic steroids is that Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators do not produce unwanted effects such as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy.


The effects of the drug are exclusively focused on muscles. Aside from the treatment of muscle wasting and other muscle related diseases, experts are also looking into the potential of having this product as a muscle building therapy for body builders and also athletes.


Commercially this product is not available, but it may be purchased from research chemical companies and other distributors of research chemicals. Others body builders purchased them from suppliers of fitness products.

SARMs are commonly used by body builders to gain lean muscles. The muscles that were gained from this chemical cannot be compared to those that are gained from steroidal use. The muscle mass gained from this product is retained even after the cycle of usage is done.


The common dosage of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators used to gain muscle mass would be about 25mg within 4 to 6 weeks. This period can help produce about 2 to 3kg of lean muscle. No side effects of steroids will be experienced upon using this product, which is also a good thing.


When it comes to losing body fat, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators can also be the body’s best partner. As mentioned a while ago, this product can help produce lean muscle as it burns fat in the course of the 6 weeks cycle. This is indeed the best drug for body builders because they are losing fat and gaining muscles at the same time. This is what the body builders want. Achieving and maintaining this can be quite difficult especially for those who are just starting to train, but with the help of this chemical, it would be easy for them.


SARMs have the ability to partition the nutrients as to where these will be stored. Calories from fat are being transferred to the muscle tissue, thereby ensuring weight loss and gaining of muscle mass. This is also a good thing for body builders because they can achieve the body that they want in no time.


Another good factor of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is that they are liver friendly even if taken orally. To be able to get the full effect of this product when trying to increase body mass, a proper diet should also be followed. Calorie intake should be controlled and at least 30% of the caloric intake should come from good sources of lean protein.


To sum it all up, SARMs are the best steroid replacement for body builders. They are great for ensuring body strength, body reconstruction, healing joints, and preventing injuries when weight training.